El Shaddai
Spring of Life

Welcome to El Shaddai

Founded in 2016 by Pastor Irma F. Sanders, the El Shaddai Spring of Life Ministries is a wellspring of spiritual rejuvenation for lost souls and true believers. This is a place of peace, understanding, and relieving veneration for God. His kingdom is great and glorious, and El Shaddai Spring of Life Ministries is where the loyal flock gathers to cherish His love for us.

The good pastor felt her calling to start the church ever since 2007. She previously preached the gospel on the street, on radio, and at various events. Even now, she oversees a weekly radio ministry on Wednesday. She was ordained on the 3rd of June, 2011, and ever since, she’s been selflessly working for the glory of God and in His service. Read more





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